Author Topic: The problem with Leaks particle brushes on flat surfaces  (Read 1037 times)

I sometimes run into strangeness with these brushes where they curve across a flat surface. Sometimes they work perfectly and sometimes they insist on shooting at an angle.

When shot at a flat surface with a smoothing group, the leaks sometimes do not go straight down; they curve awkwardly.

My issue here is that the particles follow the normals of a smoothing group. For the leak brushes and things, the leaking is supposed to go straight down. But if used on a baked flat surface, the particles will curve, no matter what setting (even "Normal Factor" doesn't do anything and actually makes it worse). It doesn't always do this though, so I believe it may be relative to the size of the polygon?

The only workaround I have to make the leak particle brushes work against a flat surface every time is to import a flat-shaded version of the model.

I'm curious if there is something I'm missing that would make particle brushes work better when shot at a flat surface that has a smoothing group.
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3D art is magic.

To further show this strangeness I've attached another screenshot. In this one I used the rain emitter (in bright orange) on all my Hong Kong sign assets.

I'm starting to think may I have some normals that aren't behaving properly. As far as I can tell everything's fine though.
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3D art is magic.

Do you have a normal map applied on these assets? If not, you need to make sure that the Normal Factor parameter is set to 0.