Author Topic: Substance source indie license and Substance Share license  (Read 781 times)

(Firstly: I bought Substance Painter 2018 indie. It is very nice. Thank you)

You have  two websites for materials:
“”  and  “”
 I would like to subscribe to “” (for indie license).  And Also I want to download materials on “”
But I m not sure:  When I create png files using these materials for my 3d models, can I sell these png files with my models.


Yes but when it comes to Share, you will need to credit the author.
Also you are not allowed to resell the substance file itself with both Source and Share.

Thank you for quick reply.

I will not share/sell substance files. I will just sell this png files with 3d models.
Can I do this without credit/credit the author?

(I’m sorry to have taken your time again.)


The author still needs to be credited. It can be included in a simple readme file in the package.

I understand. Thank you for your answers.