Author Topic: Plugin 1.0 conversion bug  (Read 1645 times)


Using the new plugin pretty much successfully but I have found an issue that on some materials downloaded from Substance Source when you go up to the Substance menu and click Substance to Vray not all the Substances are linking nodes into the Vray material.  If you look at the attachment the one on the top is the "Bond Variations" and as you can see the substance is there and the vray material is there but the nodes inbetween are not. Where as the material below worked correctly.  I also found that the "glass clear" is also not working.


Hey, we have a ticket fot this ;)
Should be fixed in a bright future

Thanks for letting us know about this one. I've reproduced and seen this one, and we have a ticket in for it to be done in a future release.
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