Author Topic: Cannot login to Substance Source  (Read 3437 times)


Went to login to Substance Source and the site's reporting my password is incorrect.

Changed my password successfully, still the same, cannot log in.

Having no issues on other sites - can you advise please


Tried to change my password again - and now the reset password link provided by yourselves takes me to the root of Allegorithmic's site

What gives !!



I´m having the same issue. I can´t login in substance source.

Same here. I constantly get invalid credential's despite being able to log into the Allegorithmic homepage.

Be sure to go to Community > Feedback, search Substance Source Login and vote there if you have login issues. Allegorithmic makes great products and tutorials, but they seem to be lacking in the customer service and support department. By lacking, I mean totally devoid.

We have 3 subscriptions here and cannot login either.....

Hi Jason.Dalton, CodeyLC, Tensitz, onepixeldeep

Could you please email with info on the browser you use and its version and if you have seen a particular message in the console of your browser while trying to login?
I would also need to know how many special caracters you use in your password, and would rather not talk about that on the forum :)

I'll try to find where this problem is coming from, and why it is only happenning on the Substance Source platform!

Thank you
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PO @ Allegorithmic

I have the same problem since this morning.


Could you please send the same email to so I can try to find what causes this issue?

Sorry about that!
PO @ Allegorithmic