Author Topic: Substance Source Not Working After Subscribing  (Read 1628 times)

After trying out trial versions of the Substance suite for a few days, I was sold on the products and purchased a monthly subscription. 

Unfortunately, after doing so, I am now unable to open up Substance Source, neither from one of the suite's applications nor even directly from the website (  Prior to subscribing, I had no issues viewing and downloading the free resources from Source through either method.  However, now that I've subscribed, Source never finishes loading.  Moreover, when I try to log-in , it says my user name or password is incorrect, even after verifying and changing it. 

Please try to identify the "source"(pun intended) of this problem.  Is the website itself down?  Or is it a bug related to subscribing before the trial ends?

Hi Jeff,

From what I can see in your account, the 30 downloads were added to your account, and the website is not down so there should be no reason for it to not be working.
However, it can sometimes take some time for the downloads to be credited to your account. Have you been able to try again more recently?

If it still does not work, could you please let me know which OS, browser, and browser version you are using?

Thanks a lot !
PO @ Allegorithmic