Author Topic: Substance Designer 2017.2.1 not baking ZBrush polygroups  (Read 539 times)

I have a ZBrush highres with polygroups

I am trying to bake to polygroups into a color map, by using "color map from mesh" and "color source: polygroup/submesh ID" and "Color Generator": hue shift"

the resulting map is 8x8pixels and black

I am sure, that my mesh setup is correct, because I get the ID map in Painter 2018 (while Painter is not baking the normal map for some odd reason)

the only advantage about the inconsistency between designer and painter baking is that one tool provides the workaround for the other tool...


this problem is fixed in Designer 2017.2.3.
QA Analyst

thanks, will update now  :)