Author Topic: Stormrider - Trying again after X-Taon Contest.  (Read 191 times)

Hello Substance Comunity

After that contest realized last year, I had noticed how fun and simple it to use the substance painter.
So that experience in X-TAON brought to me an insterest and a wish about vehicle modeling, and I chose for try to learn blender, because of the incredible material of Chris Plush ( to serve as start point to anothers studies.

I would like to share the result with you,and learn with the feedback, which would be better way to evolve.

If you want to download the created pattern to this project, it is available at:
Feel free to use as you want, but please don´t use in commercial projects without allow. :-)

If you like it, please follow me at instagram:

Thanks a lot for the attention.
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