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Hello lads and gals,

Is it possible to paint color information together with mask information?

Ex. I have a label to stamp around and would like the mask to be perfectly matching it, so I can easily reuse this mask to add more details like roughness,etc.

Thanks.  :)

It isn't possible to my knowledge to paint color and a mask simultaneously.

What you can do: create the mask in Photoshop (fill the label with black, the background with white), load the label color image into the 'Base Color' slot of the brush (paint tool), and the mask into the 'Alpha' slot.

Make sure that 'Brush Size' is set to 'No Pressure', or the size of the stamp will vary based on pen pressure. You can then apply the logo with roughness and height information.

There is no mask that you can use though to apply roughness information afterwards if you use this method. I'd be helpful if you could just lock the transparency of any layer as it is possible in 3D Coat. No way to do that in Painter unfortunately.

If anybody knows a better method I'd like to know about it!
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