Author Topic: Blending Modes NOT clickable  (Read 809 times)

Painter 2018.1.0
Win 7 x64

Hey, I just loaded a project into painter (I think the version was from 2 updates ago but I have just updated to the 2018.1.0 and am getting the same issue...

When I click on certain layers to change the blending mode I am not getting the drop down menu that allows me to change the mode - this is only happening on some layers but still it makes the program totally usable. sometimes a restart of painter will allow it to work once or twice but the problem soon pops up again.

I have messed around a bit and I cant seem to find any reason why one layer is affected and another not.

I have tested multiple projects and am getting the same problem in those other projects

Like I say this makes Painter totally unusable and I need it for work so any help with this is appreciated.

So I figured out what this issue was...

I have 2 monitors, and don't always have the second monitor on as I only use it for specific things.
The drop down menu was appearing but on the other monitor.

It was all the layers in the middle of the stack that were not showing- ie the ones in the middle of the screen- The ones in the bottom half show the drop down menu above and the ones in the top half show the menu below- but the ones in the middle  show the menu on another screen because they cant be fitted directly below or above from that exact location on screen.

So it would be much helpful if you could update this so that instead of showing off screen - just move down and to the side or something

I added images to make it clearer...
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Showing the middle of screen putting the drop down menu on the second monitor

Showing the top half of screen putting the drop down menu in the right place

Showing the bottom of screen putting the drop down menu in the right place

Green shows what part of the screen allows drop down menu to be placed sensibly on the 1st monitor and the Red shows the area that activates the drop down menu in an awkward position on the 2nd monitor.