Author Topic: SB4 - Constant crashing when creating new substance  (Read 1510 times)

Hey, I have played around a bit ...imported some meshes and at some point SB 4 crashed.

Ever since it crashes whenever I create new substance or whenever 3d view loads.

The crash error looks like this :

I have checked and updated the video driver, tried restarting , reinstalling and removing the Relief files from the Shader folder.

Update : I unchecked the  "View outputs when opening a graph" option and it works fine up until the view port opens when I double click the mesh. What is strange is that it worked fine before...even when it had a mesh loaded and I was UV mapping in Maya.
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Really no one can help ?

We found the problem when talking in PM, so I'm pasting the solution for everyone.

The problem was because designer was able to load the PBR shader, but for some reason the GPU switched to the integrated chipset of the laptop and therefor Designer was not able to load the shader and crashed. We have a check for this case normally when the user click in the menu of the viewport, but we didn't expected the GPU can change later. this will be fixed in a next update.

Anyway, to workaround this problem do just do these steps :

1 - Open the nVidia control panel (from your start menu for example)
2 - Go to "Manage 3D Settings"
3 - In program settings create a new profile (by clicking "add" and locate "substance_designer.exe"
4 - If available, set "Preferred graphics processor" to your nVidia GPU.