Author Topic: Advanced Triplanar goes transparent at 4k  (Read 1190 times)

As the title says, I have a recurring issue that the advanced Triplanar goes Transparent at 4k Texture Set Res. Any resolution below that works fine.
This is in Painter 2018.1



Encountered the same issue.

It almost seems the Advanced Triplanar is completly messing up at 4k, randomly it sometimes even shows the color channel mapped right, but nothing else of the acitve channels, and suddenly shows nothing when you generate them again with exact the same settings.

When i export the texture at 4k, the rest of the texture looks crisp as it should be, but the parts that are "Tri-Planar Advanced" filtered appear blurry like it simply painted the 2k res on my 4k texture.

I also tested it with the example scene that comes with Substance Painter. I simply throwed a texure on it, added the Filter and switched to 4k. It sometimes works, it sometimes work partially, sometime it doesnt. It seems completly random.

Thanks for reporting: I'll create a ticket.