Author Topic: Unknown reason of crashing and no UV coords  (Read 1359 times)

It's a texture making software.  Needs UVs.  Check the log panel to see which meshes are giving your no-uv errors.

But, if more people are annoyed by this, maybe Allegorithmic can include an auto UV feature in a future update.  ;)

I haven't tried that yet (with Blender). I thought SP was supposed to make this stuff easier.

Doesn't it defeat the purpose of Creativeness if you can only work on pre made samples?

Painter makes the painting easier, but it is not a modeling tool.  The items you paint do need to be made somewhere, and that includes the UV maps.  But you can model anything you want; it does not need to be something provided by Allegorithmic.

The value of using the MeetMAT project is it removes a lot of variables, and you can verify that your computer and Painter are working well together.  If you struggle with the sample projects, then we know not to waste our time worrying about your custom models until we get the basics working.

As Henrik pointed out, many people would appreciate an "unwrap" capability in Painter.  But on the other hand, let Painter do what Painter does best, and leave the unwrapping to the modeling tool.
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