Author Topic: how to fix the uvs edge problem  (Read 2352 times)

i'm new in substance painter, have any ways to fix the uvs edge problem?? the edge is too prominent. thx

Make sure that it's a bit of spacing between your uv islands. The program needs a bit of space for padding around each island.

thanks for reply! This model i downloaded from substance share. And i am sure i have give enough space between two uv islands

I assume (key word = assume) that it is the result of a "hard edge" in the original 3D model.

You might need to go into Blender or Maya or whatever, and round off the corner there.

The good news is even if you create additional polygons in that area, you can bake a new normal map for your existing work (high-poly onto low-poly).

Good luck.
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I think the edge looks super obvious because the texture isn't continuous. Two things you could try: 1) join the uv islands 2) use trilinear space over uv space mapping.
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