Author Topic: Getting my feet wet with substance painter...  (Read 3382 times)

Hey guys, finally getting time to play with substance painter... at the moment, these are textures are not gonna work with Painter until custom shaders are supported. I am using Alloy in Unity, which looks great in the engine, but I just wanted to have a play with the software. Can't wait til 4k comes out.

This character is for a game that I am working on, enjoying the fruits of PBR and ease of painting. I am hoping to get emissives working in the viewport, but we'll see.

here is a close up shot of the face with a 4k normal map applied :)

Here is some more fun. Unfortunately, the textures I painted this for doesn't display with SP PBR. I would have to export all of these channels (I hope that we can export all of the textures combined into one.) and tweak them individually, which would SUCK!! Anyway, enjoy the carnage.