Author Topic: Substance painter freezes my desktop, but audio continues.  (Read 686 times)

Hi, i've been getting a problem that if i run substance painter for a period of time, that my desktop will freeze and the computer audio will continue for a short while. It forces me to hard boot my computer (by pressing the on and off button).

The problem always occurs randomly, there is no pattern that ive found.

I've already bumped up the TDR delay, but it didnt work.

Thank you, for the help!

Specs of the pc:
RTX 2080S XC Ultra
Ryzen 7 3700X
Ram 32GB 

Are you using the latest drivers for your GPU?
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

It seems there is a problem with your mesh.
Could you check that the geometry is correct (no artifacts, reversed faces, etc...) and the UVs, please?
If you do not find anything wrong and keep crashing, would it be possible for you to send me the mesh?
Geoffroy SC

Thanks guys for the quick responses!

@CAGameDev, I thought I was using the latest Nvidea drivers, but i was not. Thank you for the comment and reminder.
This solved the issue, since the problem hasnt occured anymore.

@GeoffroyAdobe, Luckily it isn't the mesh, the problem occurd with multiple files / meshes. If you still want to check out the meshes or any of the files that it occured to, I will gladly sent them your way for any furter research purposes. 

Thanks for the help guys!

The things that fixed the issue:
- Updating GPU drivers.
- Reinstalling Substance painter 2021 7.1.1