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Hi everyone,

I have search for a solution to my problem, not found any...

Can someone help me with that ?
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I put some details in the youtube description, but should you have any questions ( maybe a solution that I didn't tryed yet :-) ) Shoot :-)


Just something I noticed, is that when I create a new empty layer, it all goes well ! ...for a while... then it became laggi again. but yeah we cannot collapse the layers so I'm starting to have many layers... that I did not need, just to have a smooth worflow...

Does anyone else had this problem or issues linked to a Wacom and Substance Painter ?

Or an idea ?

Again a log file here

In the 3D Settings from the nVidia Control Panel, Threaded is OFF and so is Vertical buffering.

I update the nvidia Drivers ( Quaddro K4000 )

I updated the Wacom drivers

I set the Cache Local in Substance Painter on the SSD with 80 Gb free space to 4000 Mb

In windows I put the process in Highest Priority

Thank you for your input :-) if any... :-p

Not event a question is asked here ? Can't we have any support for a product we purchase ?

Hard to say where it could come from, no other user has reported a similar issue until now. What does your UV look like? Do you have any overlaps?

Hi thanks for your question :-),

I have indeed overlapping UV's since it's a symmetrical mesh.

Is there any other workflow to do for symmetry ?

You can offset the symmetrical part outside of the [0,1] UV space, it will prevent you from painting on the offseted face but should improve performance.

Hi, thanks for the tip, I offset my UVS but still the same.

Is there any link between a layer, and a limited brush strokes I can draw or something ?

I tried with a brand new project, and after several time working on the same layer, same problem start lagging with pencil inputs, and no problems with mouse. As mentionned, there is no way to merge layers so it makes difficult to find any workaround.

Same problem here with a Cube,

Working very well, then outzoom moving the 3D View, trying to paint on the 3D model, en starting to lag again ( see logs )
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It seems like you have a setup with 2 Quadro cards. Could you try deactivating one?

Hi, I only have only one Quaddro (but 2 screens) ? I don't get it where can I potentially deactivate that option ?

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Got it with One display ( one device) all the same (see attached)
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I uninstalled all allegorothmic softwares, reboot, install the latest version, same problem... :'(

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I saw some problems almost similar to mine but not exactlly the same :

because the green bar above the shelf keeps running while i'm painting with pencil

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The problem shows off only with the 'normal' paint - with eraser, smudge or physical paint, there is not a single lag :(
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Hi I have the same problem that is exclusive to a single project, if I create a new project with the same model (also with overlapping UVs) the problem is gone.
in the project having the problem, even deleting every layers reducing the working resolution and display quality does not prevent the lag.
However I observed that painting on a brand new layer is fine, copying the content of the affected layer to a new one then trying to paint on it does not prevent the lag, so if I am understanding right, the problem is because I work on a layer overloaded with something (strokes?)

I got same problem when I painted too much on 1 layer ( or Paint Layer in Mask). The stroke took a long time to reply and SP crashed too many times.