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Hi! I wonder if someone could help me figure out what's causing this problem I'm having. Been trying to solve it for many hours today. At first I thought it was just a bad bake, caused by bad match (distance) between high- and lowpoly, but now I think it might be more than that. The lowpoly is all soft edges, exported without tangents, which are then recomputed in Substance Painter. I know the bake is not perfect, but there is something more going on here. Is because of the poles in the lowpoly geometry? Is it caused by locked/weird normals in the lowpoly somehow?

This is what it looks like in Marmoset. The problem was visible in Painter too, but not as bad, so I let it slide.

This is what the normal map looks like. There's some bleed from beneith I think (the bright stuff on the very edge).

Same as above, but with wireframe.

This is without the normal map applied.

And again, with normal map applied and wireframe.

I was messing around in photoshop, trying to move stuff around, and clone parts and paint over, but wasn't able to get any descent results. No matter what I tried, there was still issues. Before this, I tried rebaking with numerous settings, and also pasted the normal map into a fill layer, added mask and paint, but nothing gives a good result.

I've been working on this model for quite some time now, and would very much appreciate if someone could help me out, so I can get on with my life:)
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Some how-to-fix ideas:

-Apply a unique texture set to the fins (?). Re-bake.

-Add more edge loops to your lows where the errors are happening.

-If you're using Zbrush, subtool split your low and highs and check how the error surfaces compare to each other.  In which case, use a sculpt brush to push/pull low polys closer to the high poly surfaces. (But simpler approach would be to just add more support loops to your low.) After done brush editing, export each separately as fbx files.

-If you haven't tried it yet, do cage baking.

-If you're just doing this for learning....just double the poly res of your low.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the suggestions, but the low can't get any closer to the high, without adding resolution. Unfortunately, I've already sent this away to an animator, and I don't think he'd appreciate me altering the geo at this point, since he's already done the skinning:) I could try to add some geo, but then still use the old version of the low with the new bake, and hope they work out fine, I suppose. I need to figure out a "good-enogh solution" without messing up the animator's work.

Here's a link to a temporary sketchfab version of the model, so you can see what the error looks like in moving light. No animations added yet. It's on the pectoral fins:

Solved it.