Author Topic: Substance player 3d view is totally black  (Read 65520 times)

Substance Painter and designer works just  fine but the Substance player 3d view is totally black. I can´t get anything to show up in it. No backround pics, meshes etc. Any ideas / hints?
Screenshot as attachment. Thanks for the help!

I have the very same problem. Any idea what´s going on?

Hi all,

try to clean your registry files, it should solve your problem.
To do this :
- in windows search use the command regedit
- in registry windows, follow this path : HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Allegorithmic
- here delete Substance Player folder
- now launch Player and check the 3D view
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Thanx bro  Great , works for me . Thank you :)


this worked fort me - ONLY - if i ALSO uninstalled B2M and deleted Bitmap2Material inside Regedit - Reinstalled Bitmap2Material

Thanks for the fix by the way - saved my day :)