Author Topic: Fundamental Flaw with Curvature Baker  (Read 4995 times)

Hey guys, Okay this one is a biggie for me. This has been ruining my workflow since I first started using SP. Unless I am missing something, this is a massive flaw in one of the fundamental of substance painter.

So if you have a cube and you bake a curvature map, it all works as expected, the edges are all marked for metal edgewear or such. So now if we bevel those edges with 1 segment, anywhere there are UV seams the curvature map can't cross and edgewear has a horrible break in it. This is to be expected due to SP generating curvature from normal maps. I have done testing with xNormal curvature maps, and it perfectly crosses seams and works amazingly when imported as a mesh map. So SP needs to have a better curvature baker or at least an option to generate it from the mesh as a whole like xNormal does, One of SP's core foundations is the ability to reliably create edgewear.

I am linking my test piece with example screen shots and xNormal bake:

I really hope I'm wrong and I'm just missing something, but I really don't want to be doing all my bakes in SP and then 1 from elsewhere, this is the last hurdle I have in an otherwise perfect workflow :)

Thanks guys I will be over the moon if this could be fixed :D Love you guys

We already have a "curvature from mesh" baker in Substance Designer. We need to sort out how it can be integrated in Painter's baking workflow.

Okay so it is being addressed? Is there a rough ETA on when it will be implemented?

Also just in my opinion the SD Curvature from mesh could use the addition of being more customizable similar to xNormal even if it was just put in an advanced dropdown. As it still suffers from crossing seams:

Guess I will be using xNormal until it is fixed
Thanks for your help :)

that´s very interesting indeed. is there a uservoice idea posted for this issue?

So am I right in understanding that for this scenario, baking using the "curvature from mesh" settings inside designer will yield better results than in painter? Is this still true today (august 2018)
I can see that inside painter you can choose "pixel" or "vertex" when baking curvature. Is vertex setting the same as "curvature from mesh" inside designer?
We always use bevels for all our meshes (TV), and I do often get wonky curvatures there when baking inside painter. Maybe I'll try doing this in designer from now on...?

Yes, the curvature from mesh should give you more accurate results, hopefully we'll be able to add it to painter soon.