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Greetings, I am using substances because it is very convenient to adjust some parameters in engine when I am constructing my level, and as for now I don't need the ability to change something in game at runtime. So if I will adjust parameters to my liking and then disable runtime modifications, and set substance engine behavior to Baked - does this mean that I am having now simply convenient texture modification without  any overhead from substance graph logic ( all will be processed at compile time , then baked on mesh)? I mean: the textures generated in this way will be exactly the same performance wise as the simple images?
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any suggestion what this checkbox is doing and how to properly use it?

It's strange that nobody knows the answer... What i'm interested in  - how does the substance work. For example
1var. I have a simple substance and if i need the runtime modification available ( f.e. dynamic snow regeneration on level loading) i will use appropriate cooking options.
2var. I have a very complex substance ( f.e. 5k ms in designer editor) and i don't want to regenerate textures every time user runs the game, all i need is a convenient tool for lvl design (tweak parameters - done, no further modifications whatsoever) - in this case if i understand correctly i will use cooking options with SGM bake parameter.
I'm assuming that Runtime modifications checkbox is for selectively bake substances(sgm bake analog) while in cooking you can indicate some other parameter, am i correct?
When SGM Bake is active - does it means that textures will be baked on cooking time and than saved on disk?
What workflow will you suggest for 1,2 and combined variations?

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