Author Topic: UE 4.17 build error  (Read 1794 times)

My project is on UE 4.17.2 version of engine. It is a blueprint project. I Am using a few substances in it. When i am trying to build or launch it - it shows me errors and failing the process.
It' s also happens on clean project with only one imported substance.
i'm using Windows 10
I have the latest video drivers and all win sdk packs ( 8.1 - 10) installed
PC cpecs
Intel Xeon E5 2683 v3 x2
hynix ddr4 2400 ecc reg 4x8 Gb
Inno3d gtx 1060 6Gb

Steps to reproduse
1. create clean 3rd person ( BP) project. Default scene
2. Import sbsr file in it ( i imported from substance share - burning coals for testing purposes in clean project)
3. tweak some parameters
4. save
5. assign created mat to object
6. Launch ( ineditor) or build for win64
Error screen

In 4.18 this problem is absent, test project is building correctly.
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Hey, do you still have the issue with the latest UE4 build and substance plugin?

In 4.18 all are working fine for now ( switched solely because of this bug), what in 4.19 - don't know yet, but i will test it soon enough
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