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I'm trying to use my Huion pen display with Substance Painter, and have come across this very bizarre issue. I'm almost certain this is Painter's fault and not my Tablet's, since it works perfectly with Zbrush, Photoshop, and Clip Studio Paint.

The issue is this: My pen's two buttons are mapped to Left Click and Right Click.

When I use Painter with my pen, the first click registers the pen's right button as the right button, and so Alt+Right click to zoom works as it should. But subsequent clicks seem to register the pen's right button as a middle button, and so it pans instead.

This behavior is reproducible every time I switch focus from painter to another application, and then the first click in the viewport will correctly register the right click but from then on will register it incorrectly as a middle click. I've uploaded a video clip to demonstrate this. Throughout the video, I'm only clicking the right button with my pen, you can see the behavior change after the first time, and how clicking off of Painter and back on it will make the button work for one time only.

This person seemed to have a similar issue to me, using a Wacom product:

I'm wondering if there are any settings in Painter that are trying to override my pen's default clicks or something. In every other application I use with my pen and tablet, the left and right clicks have the exact same behavior as my mouse as expected.

This is making Painter impossible to use with my pen display, since I can't zoom. Which is a real shame since pressure sensitivity and everything else seems to function just fine, and I can imagine painting in Painter directly with a pen + tablet monitor combo is a very nice workflow.

Please help me get to the bottom of this! Thanks

Hey, we have an open ticket for this.

Hi Vincent,

Do you have any news about this issue? I am having a very similar one. In my case the Camera PAN doesn't work when I use the ALT key + Middle Mouse Button that I set up in one of the pen buttons. The pan works perfectly in Maya and Zbrush but not in Substance Painter.

Note: my tablet is a Huion GT-156 HD V2.

EDIT: I figured out what's happening and it will probably help you guys fix this problem. The behavior I am having is exactly the same as if I try to perform a left click + middle mouse button at the same time to try to pan (camera translate) the viewport. As the movement of the pen is equivalent to the mouse's left click itself, and as one of the pen's button is the MMB, so, what happens is that one command cancels the another one and Substance Painter doesn't know how to deal with it (the software thinks both buttons are being pressed at the same time). 

I hope it helps. Please let me know as soon as you guys have a fix for this.

Thanks in advance,
Luis R.
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We are looking into the recent issues with Huion tablets.
It's a regression introduced with fixes we did for Wacom tablets. Right now we don't have the hardware/models to reproduce the problems so we are waiting for them. Once we have them we will look into a fix and it should also improve their support in the future.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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I am having the same problem with my Huion H610 Pro.
I look forward to this getting fixed as it is rather tedious to go between tablet and mouse to pan

I have the same problem only I m using XP- PEN drawing Tablet, It Seams Substance Painter is the Only Program on my PC what messes up Pens Shortcuts. I can use Photoshop, blender, Maya, Zbrush without a problem, but when I open Painter It basically discards my Pen settings and make One button a Mouse Click 1 and Other buttons Mouse Click 2. Navigation is Pain now need to use my mouse to Pan and do other things.
This happens on Substance painter 2018.1.3 and previous versions... don't really remember what version it broke on, but it was definitely working before 2018.

May Pen Tablet:
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Just updated to 2018.1.3

Looks like this never got fixed

Edit: Although with Ctrl + Alt combination it's possible to pan, I can't remember if that's new or just something I missed. So I guess panning, zooming and rotating is possible with the tablet, just not with the pen buttons. Which turns this bug into just a minor annoyance rather than a game breaker  :D

Edit 2: But since middle mouse button can't be mapped to pen still, it's impossible to pan the stencil when projection painting. This means switching back and forth to mouse and pen when doing projection painting, if we want to reposition the stencil. Is there any news on a fix for this? Is it fair to expect that it won't be fixed, since it's been several months already?
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I really hope they will fix this... it would be not best practice to force Everyone to use Wacom Products just to get best experience working with Substance Painter.

Hi just to give  the heads up, i have the same issue with this xp pen model, hope you  can fix it,

Hi just to give  the heads up, i have the same issue with this xp pen model, hope you  can fix it,
Please create a new thread, as the solution may be different.


Has there been any movement on this at all? Its such a shame to not be able to use these (now becoming quite popular) tablets with substance.

Same issue here with a Huion 950P... I cannot believe this hasn't been addressed yet.

Despite this being a HUGE issue for my professional work, I'm about to teach a course for hundreds of students and the vast majority owns Huion tablets. What I'm I supposed to tell them? That they won't be able to use Painter??? Buy a different tablet? Neither are viable options.

Let me share this with the team.
Did you submit a bug report, so we can get some more info about your hardware?

I have an issue that only started today that is similar, although with different hardware. Since reinstalling drivers for a Parblo drawing monitor, the buttons that were mapped on the Wacom tablet's pen are not registering properly in Substance Painter any more.

I submitted a bug report with the following details:

I've been working with a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet for the past few years, and the pen's shortcuts used to work fine with Substance Painter. I have the pen tip mapped as the left mouse button, one button on the side as middle mouse buttons, and the other button on the side as right mouse button.

I also have a "Parblo Coast22 21.5 Inch Digital Graphics Tablet Pen Display Drawing Monitor" plugged in that I rarely use. A couple of days ago in order to try and use the Parblo drawing monitor in 3D-Coat, I reinstalled its drivers. That monitor also has a pen, but I am only able to map one button on the side instead of the two that are available on the Wacom. So I mapped it to right mouse button.

In Substance Painter the Parblo monitor does not work well to paint, left clicking in the interface works, as well as right clicking, but when I try to paint it only leaves a small trails of dots. So I don't use that monitor in Painter.

I think having installed those drivers did something with Painter's interraction with the Wacom tablet. The wacom tablet still behaves as it used to in other software, but in Painter the button mapped to the right mouse button does not work any more. I'm not sure what it's trying to do when I press it. It seems to be like a left mouse button click only with an additional small thinking wheel icon on the pointer.

If anyone has any suggestions I'm open to them, otherwise I'm going to try and remove the Parblo drivers, which would be annoying but necessary.

Let me share this with the team.
Did you submit a bug report, so we can get some more info about your hardware?

Submitted a bug report.

My students are supposed to start using Painter next week. Most have Huion tablets, a few XP-Pen and a few Wacom. We recently purchased dozens of Painter licenses for my course and future courses. The summer version has 100+ enrollments. I cannot ask my students to buy a specific tablet brand.
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