Author Topic: Problem normal when I import FBX  (Read 296 times)

I have a problem when I import 3DS MAX .fbx files.

Some of 3D object seem to have the normal reversed.
On a square wall, the face that should be visible is invisible when I am in front.

Could you help me please?

I take the opportunity to ask that too:
Is it possible to paint by side only?
When I paint on the 3D view, if my brush is too big, it also paints the other sides of my wall, I would like it to ignore the other faces.

Thank you in advance
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Can you provide a copy of your UV? That might explain your painting issue. If you want to isolate sides then make a mask by filling the tris.

I cannot speak on 3DS Max but isn't there an option to see your normal direction and flip them prior to export? Otherwise just bring the mesh into Blender and flip it (CTRL+N) and then export out.