Author Topic: 2018.1 Floating Color Palette window functionality removed.  (Read 7770 times)

It appears you can no longer float a color palette/picker window in 2018.1 . Please bring back this functionality.
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Creature / Character Artist Arenanet

would love to see this, painting is much slower now, requiring extra clicks. Also a hotkey for JUST the color eyedropper would be great as a time saver as well. thx
Creature / Character Artist Arenanet

I agree Boonta.
As a new Substance Painter (Mac) user this was one of the first palettes I looked for.
Having this ability removed is crazy. Eyedropper Function/Hot-key would also be a big timesaver.
Please bring it back.

I really dont like to start postings this way,but honestly, it starts to really bug me.
You cant scale up or move the color picker window anymore.Yes, you made the sliders bigger on the latest update, but you also made that window static! :-(
its really time that allegorithmic start to use Cintiqs with QHD resolution for testing..
i am not able to switch to a webiste or another program while keeping that picker open to type in values!serious..
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I agree with above, would be really great if that functionality to have the palette floating again. It is a pain selecting colours now with it being so small. (using on Cintiq 27qhd).

Also if you press (P) you'll get the material picker. Not as smooth as photoshop but it works.

still not built in.I really love this product, but please ADD it!
I need to pick painted mask

Has this been fixed yet?

Why is this still not fixed? This is awful design.

especially it makes you VERY slow while painting when switching between different colors...