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Normally when dragging a slider you change the value by more than 0.01 because of how the sliders are set up. First off they go up to 128 maximum (which seems a bit overkill) and 0.01 to 1 takes up a huge amount of space in the slider mapping because it's not linearly mapped. This means getting a specific value by just dragging the slider is pretty much impossible, for example changing the UV scale to hide seams or changing the offset to align things. You have to eyeball it with the slider and then type values manually until you get the right value.

For example when I drag the slider with default UI I get 1.03 - 1.24 - 1.47 etc so you see there are huge jumps between each pixel. This could be improved by adding a "slight tweak" mode where the slider values are much lower. For example each tick being a 0.01 increment/decrement from the current value (with linear mapping). You could have this function on shift+drag or something when clicking a slider because from what I can see ctrl/alt/shift aren't used when clicking on sliders anyway.

So for example if you're at 2 UV scale but want to tweak it, you would shift+drag the slider which turns the slider temporarily into a different scale slider with 0.01 increments/decrements. So whereever you started the shift+drag would be 2 and each pixel to the right would add 0.01 and each pixel to the left would remove 0.01. This way it would be much easier to get the value you want when using the sliders instead of not using the sliders and having to guess what value is the right one and manually type it in.

The only awkward bit is that when you're done editing the slider it would jump back into place (for example drag slight tweak slider all the way to the left, let go of mouse button, it jumps back to 1.5 or whatever on the real slider) but it is fine since you can actually use the sliders this way.
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Thank you for writing this request.  :)

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Just an example of how Poser does it.

It's more of a dial than a slider, so doesn't have a graphically defined end stop.
Double-clicking the dial opens a dialog where you get to say what the limits are, and more importantly the sensitivity can be entered.