Author Topic: How to decrease slider sensitivity?  (Read 2017 times)

Is there a key/mouse combination to decrease the sensitivity when using the sliders?

When adjusting values via the sliders, they are very sensitive and you cannot make fine adjustments with the mouse.

Example:  Trying to Scale and Offset the UV Map.  It slides all over the place, making precise placement impossible.

Typing in new numeric values over and over and over again immediately gets tedious.
I do not see any up/down arrows for making small incremental adjustments (in the 2018.1 release).

Hopefully this already exists, and I simply don't know what it is.


We both added the cross-reference at the same time.  Great minds think alike.

EDITED - New and improved cross-referencing links...

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I agree and posted a feature request here:,22902.0.html of course there could be a better solution.

Hi I've tryed something with Autohotkey:

just check the github link in the description