Author Topic: how to revert to old UI ?  (Read 754 times)

i dislike new UI  :(

i want my old UI back.

don't update?

heck no. i hope there is another way  !

I'm sure you chose between these options:
a) New version, with updated U/I and varous enhancements
b) Old version, with old U/I and without the enhancements

It's very rare for a company to support multiple user interface formats.  Blender is unusual, but that's because people have taken its "open" concept and created their own U/I layers.  That's different than a company offering - and supporting - different interfaces.
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I also would like to see the UI reworked and rethought fairly quickly. I have moved my layers and properties close to how I had them in 2017 and despite it being the same, this update significantly slowed down my workflow. The layer stack is no longer a quick easy read. Being able to tell whats in a certain folder/if that folder is open is much harder now. I feel like I'm doing a lot more scrolling in the properties tab because things have so much space between them (Seemed like everything used to fit most of the time with 0 scrolling)