Author Topic: Potential new awesome workflow  (Read 1197 times)

So Graphine who make Granite for Unity and Unreal released version 5 sometime in the last week. Granite does virtual textures. The big new feature for me is Procedural Virtual Texturing. This means it renders a user specified material at an enormous resolution (like 10 pixels per cm) and does fancy stuff by dicing it up and only loading what you need. It doesn't save any of this permanently to disk, meaning there is absolutely no disk requirement on install (although you need the space for the cache).

The Substance plugin for Unity, Unreal, etc. allows you to generate large textures at runtime, meaning you redistribute a simple graph file and not the whole texture set.

If we combined the two, you could potentially have gb's worth of large textures (4k, 8k) generated at runtime with little cost and a tiny redistribution footprint. Before you could generate Substances at runtime but you were limited to sane sizes, usually not going beyond 2k (and they didn't work with UE4 texture streaming), and the texture count still mattered, but if we combine the two we can have very large textures at a small runtime cost. Granite's footprint is like 500mb VRAM.

I don't know about you guys but I like the idea of making a game with a 500mb install and GB's worth of runtime generated content.