Author Topic: Pixel Processor / Sample Color to drive an input parameter inside another graph.  (Read 1486 times)

Hi,  dear fellows.

I ' ve created a graph where i use a Pixel Processor to sample the RGBA value of the current image input.

Now i want to use that graph in another substance, but my problem is that graph didn't output the RGBA Value of the Pixel Processor. I mean i can only expose Input. not Outputs ?

Currently, Substance compositing graphs can only have texture outputs, not numerical outputs. A simple workaround for that in your case would be to output a small (e.g. 32x32) uniform color texture that you can sample in your second graph.
However, if the color you want to pass was only the result of sampling a texture in the first place, and not the result of a more complicated and costly computation, it would probably be just as simple to directly resample that texture in your second graph.