Author Topic: Any guides on using the new Cloths substances provided?  (Read 1891 times)

Hi all,

Sorry if this is a stupid question, if you could point me in the right direction that would be great.

I am loving the new cloths material and loading them into 3ds max 2018 with the plugin, which is also amzing! however, I want to gain a more indepth understanding of some of the parameters, however apart from trial and error I sometimes find it hard to understand how to manipulate some of these materials. Maybe I am lacking in some knowledge.

Say for the Linen Viscose Classic Material,

I want to know what the Pattern Channels are,  or also things like Colour Variation chroma/Luma and Hue etc.

Sometimes i change settings but they don't seem to change anything.

Any help understanding appreciated.


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A good way to try a material is to open it in Substance Player to get a quick preview (by opnening the sbsar file).  :)

The "Pattern" group is there in case you want to use a custom image input for the fabric pattern.
By enabling "Custom Pattern" boolean (and "Grayscale" if you use a grayscale image input), you'll be enable to use it in the material (based on the "Custom Pattern" you used in the dedicated input).
If you don't enable the "Grayscale" pattern option, you'll have the possibility to pick colors (using the "Pick Color X" parameters) in order to define areas in your bitmap you want to colorize.
In Substance Player, you can imagine to visualize the "Custom Pattern Preview" output, and pick colors based on it. Then, the "Pattern Color X" parameters will allow you to define new colors. "Variation Chroma/Luma" will allow you to play with the tolerance of the masking and get something more adapted based on your Custom Pattern input.

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Great, thanks! I will try what you suggest