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Hello everyone,

I ran into a issue when importing my mesh from Maya to SP. The issue is that when i import my tools they get scaled down very small and also the camera does not gravitate around object/ mesh just roams the scene mindlessly. i have freezed transform, center pivot and deleted history. I have not had this problem before with other projects. Has anyone ran into the same problem? i searched online for a solution but none was found. If someone can help me it would be greatly appreciated
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I would love to paint this on Substance Painter since i did all this work on retop, UV'ing and Baking i don't want to use Keyshot. Any SP Pro's out there that ran into similar scenario? Any suggestions on what could be the problem any leads would be cool. Thanks in advance. FYI i dont get error messages when importing project and my bakes are baking perfectly also.The camera is not centered and which makes it difficult to try and paint also the camera zooms into the mesh. i also tried and imported a previous successful SP project into the same scene and my new project scale is much bigger in size, which is weird why this is happening...
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Check for any object or lone vertex that would be far from your mesh in your Maya scene. It looks like SP is building a bounding box that's much larger than your character, that means something in your scene is very far from the main mesh and SP tries to encompass it within the bounding box.

ooh ok ill take a look and see thank you very much!!  :)

Yup it was dirty geo in the mesh. i found it by separating the mesh then freeze, center pivot until i found the piece that was out of whack! thank you for the fast reply you're the man salud!