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Hi there;
I'm still learning so bear that in mind ;)
I want to create a 32bit float exr height map. I want this because that format allows for real measurements displacements without trial and error proces. So, if I want a pixel to displace 1cm, I just have to apply the desired amount of white and that's all.
  • How to do that in Substance Designer?
  • I have to put the 32bit float color space since the very first node in the graph so it propagates through the rest of the nodes?
  • I can just do the height map as usual and, in the end, apply a node to put the color levels in 32bit float?
  • Is it just a matter of putting the output node in 32bit float mode or something?
  • Am I completelly lost in this matter? LOL

Hi there, Any news on this issue?, is it useless for me to bump this thread? :D

Hey, you can just set your main graph to 32 bits (please note that 16 bits should be more than enough in most of the cases)

I tried some things yesterday and was able to export float EXR (I don't mind if it is 32bit or 16, but I want it to be float, not standard 16bit that is not float), put a gradient from zero to two (one is white) and put three cubes in the 3d software at those heights. And it worked as expected, the gradient went across all the three cubes, so yeah, it works as I need.

But that is just by exporting the file from Substance Designer.

But, if I just save the .sbsar file and open it in MAYA with substance plugin, I can't put the file format to EXR, only Jpeg, PNG, TGA or TIFF.

That is a plugin limitation, doesn't it?. Will it be fixed in the future?.