Author Topic: Debugging through Console Warning. How to ?  (Read 744 times)


I've installed the new 2018.1 release of SD.

And now as i load an old graph i have some issue in the package.

Maybe those error where there before on 2017.2.X but I'm wondering how i can select and fix issue by reading the console warning. Do someone can help me find a process for debugging ?

If i double click in the Console, SubDes didn't show me the problematic node in the graph. so how i can quickly fix those issue ?

one of the typical error in it:

[Cooking]Size out of bounds:
                       Size: 8192x8192
                       From Graph: pkg:///Stamp_Map?dependency=1307150960

[WRN][1868][Cooking]Can't find subgraph input:
                       Input identifier: Mask
                       Subgraph Url: pkg:///difference?dependency=1290776863
                       From Graph: pkg:///ColorPicker?dependency=1290776921