Author Topic: Substance to Arnold 5 issues  (Read 1412 times)


I am trying to establish a Substance to Maya 2017 Arnold 5 (v2.1.0.2) workflow and have run into some problem. Please help me in figuring these out.

1. On the page the first step says "Create a Substance node and set the mode to Custom and enable Automatic Connections to cache the textures to disk." I created a substance node but it does not have any option to set the mode, etc. Here's how it looks

Also, in that page there is a screenshot of the bump2d node but my bump2d node doesn't have the "arnold" options in it. Here's how it looks.

2. I manually created the file nodes and connected them to the respective AiStandard ports but now it seems like Arnold has created a tx version of all the textures and if I re-export my textures from Substance, Arnold still renders with the old textures. How do I make Arnold look for new version of the textures?

Also, I am using the <udim> tag when I am rendering. Is this the correct way or is there any better way to bring in multiple textures?

I really appreciate your assistance!
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