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I mostly work on clothes and have the habit to use the same Painter file as starting point for all clothing pieces (I've done this for a couple of years at least).
For example, I start texturing the shirt and that becomes my "template", so whenever I need to texture the next clothing piece I would load the shirt, save it with another name, import another object (pants, jacket) and go from there so I already have all my layers etc.

However in the last couple of months it's happened that a "derived" project wouldn't open anymore and I'd get a "this file is corrupted error".
After some tests I found out that it was related to the File>clean function, basically after using the clean function (to get rid of no longer useful masks etc.) the file would lose some references and would no longer open. As long as it's opened in Painter everything works, but when I close down the file it gives me an error in the log and gets corrupted and is gone forever.

My solution: Before closing down the file I open another Painter and see if it opens the file I just saved. If it does then I am good to go, if it doesn't then I either:
- save the whole layers stack as a Smart Material and create a new Painter project (feasible, time consuming as I still need to re-bake etc.)
- wait for Painter to make an Auto-save, even though I changed NOTHING the auto-saved project is not corrupted (so my save and the auto-save should be the same thing, but the auto-saved file works).

The problem is that having to open a 2nd instance of Painter is time consuming as well as employing either of the solutions if my files get corrupted.
I can manage to not lose my work, but I still have to consider the possibility and waste time to make sure I don't.

As I said this only started to happen a little while ago, 2/3 months max, it had never happened before that.

Thanks for any pointers you may be able to share!
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We're looking at this closely.

Thanks, that is good to know!
We are creative performers

I ran into the same issue. Files are reported as corrupted, no way to open them.
Very annoying :(

We are working on a fix, sorry for the inconvenience guys.

Seconding this on Archlinux.  I almost just lost days of work because of this.

Is this fixed in 2018.1.0?  I'm scared to use clean now.

Is this fixed in 2018.1.0?  I'm scared to use clean now.

Per the release notes:
  • [Clean] Reduced risk of project corruption

Notice the word "Reduced."

Cheap insurance = Do a "Save As" first.
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Cool...I have a project that is only mildly corrupted by this...I get some 'failed to load image' 'th etexture has been corrupted' errors when I open my project.  I've managed to eliminate most of them by rebaking some textures that showed as red X' there a way to figure out which resource is corrupt?
[ResourceImage] Failed to load image content from file. (The texture has been corrupted)

Same here. Auto-save saved me from going insane.

I wonder if it's related to Painter's ever-growing file size issue.

After updating to 2018.1.0 I have found that the Clean command doesn't seem to work at all.  Saving after the clean usually results in a slightly larger file size.

If I save as copy, the file size goes down like a properly cleaned version would.  It's just a pain to have to manually do the delete, rename routine.

My project size is all over the place. Auto-save would most of the time shave off a few gigs, but I noticed it can go above that as well. My project sits between 28 to 34gb (it varies that much). It just seems absurd when most of the data is procedural and I had it around 7/8gb or so with most of the UDIMs painted.

As the previous user stated clean isn't doing much for me either but I sure would love to trim down the project. Backing this monster of a file is a pain.

The corrupt file problem seem to be fixed for me in Painter 2018.
I have kept working just as I was doing when this problem started and haven't run into any error when using Clean (I would see the error in the log during save, that was my cue to wait for autosave or save my work as Smart Material).

I have used clean on quite a few files and it seems to be working as expected without causing corruption issues so far for me.

I have been noticing a weird thing with file sizes though (mostly the autosave ones were half or even less the size of my main file) and I was quite puzzled before reading some replies here.
In fact just this morning I had a file at 3.5Gb and the same one saved with a different name at 600Mg.
So I suppose it is just safe to save with a new name and delete the disproportionately large file, that is good to know!
We are creative performers

28 to 34gb (it varies that much)

Good lord that is ridiculous. I thought my file sizes were large.