Author Topic: Painting problem: part of previous texture disappear  (Read 1081 times)

I'm quite beginning to understand Substance painter and since I updated to the new version, I got some a problem that keep happening.
When I paint I got the problem of some part of my previous texture just becoming blank.
The part are random on the model and will affect all the layer on the same part of the model.

Greetings, and WELCOME to the forum.

Can you please attach a LOG file for an Allegorithmic staff member/moderator to review?  See my signature, below.

Does this happen on all projects?  Or only old ones or only new ones?  How about on the "MeetMAT" sample project?

If it happens only on older (before the upgrade) projects that get updated to the new version, consider making one of those files available to an Allegorithmic person (or public to everyone, if you don't mind).

Good luck.
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