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Hi everyone,

Noob question here: is it possible to use PBR materials with simple directional lighting and no HDRI?

So far I wasn't able to get past a very simple test case. Scene is lit by a single directional light and plain color ambient light (no skybox, no GI). All objects have same Standard shader. Identical results are achieved by using either Gamma or Linear space.

Please see the screenshot which illustrates the issue:

I start rotating the light around Y and observe something strange: objects without SD maps are lit "correctly" (see front face of the cube in top row), whereas those with SD maps become significantly darker when lit from one of the sides.
Same also happens with a simple plane: if you start rotating it around Y, material goes from well-lit to extremely dark, even though the light always remains at the same angle, which kinda resembles the polarized glass.

Now question is: is this an expected behavior? And can I use PBR textures with Standard Unity shader, or should I consider choosing something else? (I can't use HDR for lighting in this project).

Disclaimer: I'm not entirely sure I'm doing everything right, so please forgive me if this question is actually stupid.
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Ok, turns out to be somewhat well-known problem of Unity not treating well normal maps on objects with separated normals.

Apologies for the noise :)