Author Topic: Aged Wood Plank tutorial question  (Read 1117 times)


New to substance, I try to follow this tutorial and on part 2 I face problem, at 4' teacher set Fixed rotation to 1 and play with Fixed rotation random, but in last designer version, I'm not able to find this parameter, I find only one that roate all pattern.

I am also new but I achieved something similar by changing the Rotation under "Pattern" to 90 degrees, and the Rotation Random (again under "Pattern") to a value below .2. Also, you need to set Symmetry Random to "1"
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You'll find this with a lot of tutorials, they were written for older versions and quite a few nodes have their parameters altered. In some cases, the node is no longer available and you need to choose a new one, though it may give slightly different results. I've come across this on both the aged planks and rocky ground tutorials. So there will be some variation on the end result from what you see in the tutorials. I did a fair bit of head scratching on that section myself.

hey: did you try the rotation random parameter?