Author Topic: Can Substance Designer Export 32 Bit .png Bitmaps?  (Read 3539 times)


I want to export 32 bit .png bitmaps of my downloaded Source Material Library Materials, and I noticed on the export dialogue box that it reads 16 bits at the bottom.  Please see attached.

Is there any place I can set the exports to be 32 bit .png,  in Substance Designer, or Substance Player? 


It can be a bit confusing, but when it is specified 16bits in Player and Designer, what is meant is 16 bits *per channel*, so 64 bits per pixel for an RGBA image.
And yes, SD and SP can export 8 bits per channel / 32 bits per pixel RGBA PNGs. Please note that 32 bits per channel / 128 bits per pixel PNGs do not exist.

Note also that it is unfortunately not possible at this point to choose the bit-depth from the export window. It is necessary to set it in the substance graph in Designer.
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Hi Cyrille,

Thank you for clarifying.

Would the option to export .32 png be only in the output nodes?
I do not see the option in any parameter, when I open up a new graph?

I tried to find out where the option would be and when I go to documentation
it searches everywhere and I only want to look in Substance Designer not all of the
other products.  Is there a way to search Only in Substance Designer Documentation? 


Would the option to export .32 png be only in the output nodes?

Is there a way to search Only in Substance Designer Documentation?
If there is a way, I don't know it, sorry.


Please see attached I went to the output node in the base color of an existing materials and the 32 bit option I see is under Integration Attributes.
Please confirm that this is the place I would set all of my maps to be RGBA (32b) format for purpose of exporting maps @ 32 bit .png

If the above is incorrect, please tell me where I need to go?



In addition if I want to export my diffuse in sRGB color space, and the rest of the maps in RAW 32 bit image would I go about as per attached (3) images?

The 1st image is settings for output nodes to be set at RGBA (32b)

The 2nd image shows the diffuse with RGBA (32b) and With the Consider Image in sRGB Color Space.

The 3rd image (rest of the output nodes) simply show the format with RGBA (32b)

Would the above be correct for my to export to get all in 32 bit .png with the Diffuse in sRBG color space?

Please advise,


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Here is the third image.  It was not uploading for some reason?
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