Author Topic: normal map bugued ?  (Read 826 times)

hello, I worked a map of wood, but my normal map is distorted and I can not find the origin of the problem

i need some help  :'(

Just looks like your intensity is way too high. Could you turn it down by a lot?

I'm noticing 2 issues:
- Some nodes are set to 8 bit (You can see L8 under these nodes). Make sure all nodes before your normal an AO maps are always 16 bit.
- You have some color nodes (You can see C for color under it and orange lines). You can set gradient maps to output in greyscale, and I'm not sure what the other one is, but see if there is a greyscale version of it instead. If not, you can just set it to 16 bit, which should work fine, but it's good practice to keep everything in your heightmap graph in greyscale.