Author Topic: How do I lock the 2d viewport to a specific node?  (Read 733 times)

Basically want to view a specific node while i work on the other ones. but when i click on another the viewport switches to display the new one i just clicked on. I couldnt find any shortcut to lock the viewport to a specific node is this even possible?

You have 2 options actually .

You can go to edit>preferences>Graph and disable automatically display new composoting nodes. This way the 2d view only ever updates when you double click a node.

Or you can open a second 2d view by clicking the little pin in the top right of the 2d view. Double click another node and it will appear to update, but actually creates a new tab. Minimize the one you're looking at and move it to a different spot. This way you'll have 2 views: 1 that updates and 1 that stays focussed on the original one.
You can still update the pinned one by unpinning it and pinning the other.