Author Topic: Problem using custom brush with texture  (Read 1702 times)

Hello everyone!  :D

I watched the video (Substance Designer Tutorial #2 for Unity).  Now i'm trying to apply some of those techniques in my own work.  My problem is, when i brush on my texture it's extremely pixelated.  When i size the brush up considerably (half the size of my model) the brush stamps somewhat fine.  But the smaller i make the brush, the more pixelated it gets.

My project is set to 2048x2048.  I've made my own textures for testing, i sized them up to 2048x2048 but when i brushed it i got the same pixelated mess.

I'm just trying to achieve the look of bolts like on the tutorial.  Anyone know why i'm having this problem?

So i found the root of my problem.  The part that i am trying to apply this brush to was fairly small in the UV map.  After i enlarged it, imported everything over again I got a much better resolution when sizing the brush fairly small.  Now it's just a ballancing act of how to really size my UV's.

I do have some follow up questions.
Is it possible to have multiple UV maps for one Mesh(i use maya)?  If so, would substance painter see them separately?  How would Unity handle them?