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I was just reading this article about how Allegorithmic's scanned materials are done:

I'm playing around with the new scan processing nodes myself so I was wondering if the custom nodes for height correction and color de-lighting you show in your Maps Processing breakdwon were going to be made available soon or if that is something that exists already and I'm just having trouble finding them in Designer.

They are still wip, we need to spend more time on them to make them generic.

For height correction node, you basically invert the heightmap and blur it. Then you blend it in soft light mode.

For delighting node, we just blend output of multiple filters "AO cancelation"(in current SD version), a "normal rotator" to get a lighting angle and try to match the ambient light in our colormap (this is manual for now).
This will work only for ambient lighting and small soft shadows.

link to the normal rotator sbsar:

We will soon make generic version of this nodes with automation and improved features.
Stay tuned


Nice, I was hoping that was the case  :D  Thank you for the info!

Can wait anymore for those.

Do they've been released ?