Author Topic: Crash, Freeze and performance issues with latest drivers on Nvidia GPUs  (Read 11958 times)

GPU drivers from Nvidia from version 39x.x (especially 391 and 399) seems to produce a lot of issues with Substance Painter.
We recommend upgrading or downgrading to other version to get more stability until the issue is fixed. We are in contact with Nvidia on this matter.

Current recommend versions are :
- Old versions : 388.71 for GeForce and 386.07 for Quadro.
- Recent version : Starting from 411.63 for GeForce and R410 U2 (411.63) for Quadro.
You can access previous drivers here :

[EDIT] : With Substance Painter 2018.3.0 it is recommended to use drivers 416.x from now on.
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Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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