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I made a quick video showing my workflow between SD and Alloy (Unity plugin). 

This workflows allows you to design and view your graph using the SD Alloy shader provided by the Rust Ltd guys and also allows you to export your sbsar and output a AlloyPM (packed map) for use inside of Unity.

You can use a RGBA Merge node in SD. Connect your Metallic, AO, Specularity and Roughness nodes into the appropriate RGBA channels. To setup your Output nodes view this video I made.

video 1 - shows the SD workflow

video 2 - shows how to setup in Unity/Alloy

Hope it proves useful. 
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This is FREAKING INCREDIBLE!!!!  ;D And it is very easy to set up... us Alloy users thank you sir...

...ok so... where is the skyshop shader workflow?! ;)

Great job !!

There is a slight problem with the setup right now, and the pack map is too dark. Here is an image that illustrates my issue.

The boots are the original alloy material for gold... the body suit is the new SBSAR that was generated from SD. It is way too dark. :( Is there a way to fix this?

What colour is your Roughness output from SD?

I am a few days new to Alloy so still learning its workings.  If you output a Roughness map with anything lower than mid grey, Alloy produces dark shades of metal, because it seems that due to Alloy having a Roughness slider, your AlloPM (roughness channel) clamps the slider useage.  For normal PBR I would use Black (smooth/shiny) for metals, but in Alloy case I publish as white and then use the Roughness slider in Alloy to set Roughness else it clamps and produces very dark results.  Still experimenting.

@Elowan, I have had Skyshop a while now but haven't tried yet (head buried in SD hehe)... next on list.  I also played with the Lux shader in SD this week but focused only on the past couple of days to get it working first.
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My roughness map is an output of grey...

I got the node working properly. With a few tweaks, now the maps show correctly

Thanks for the edit info KR, I have updated the Node and replaced with new version in my above post.

Thanks for the edit info KR, I have updated the Node and replaced with new version in my above post.

I have a few more edits that I will send to you later. I noticed that the normal mapping is inverted in the substance.

The Normal map is a straight pass through (what ever you input is what is output for this node).  If you mean inside of SD, likely your shader needs to be changed for OpenGL/DirectX in its settings.  Something required every time you change shaders in the 3D viewport of SD.,1953.0.html