Author Topic: how to utilize the height blend in Substance Painter  (Read 6905 times)

Hi there,

I am looking the height blending node in Substance Painter.

I am trying to get a height blend effect that also applies to custom paint strokes.

After intensive research, I could not find too much information on these two nodes inside Substance Painter. I looked into the "Hull Damaging" smart material for the anchoring set up.

Here is what I have so far, I have a base material rock, and a top material, snow.

1. I can get the height blend to work no problem uniformly through out the entire object
2. As soon as I tried using anchor point to drive where I want to reveal the snow material, I am not getting the 'height' blending effect on the 'edges' of the snow.

Could someone point me to the right direction?


Try doing this:

Thanks Jeremie!

I am looking for this height lerp blend technique from Unreal Engine

starting at 1:20

Where the material on the top layer would reveal more and more and finally taking over the bottom material completely, based on the intensity of paint stroke.

Other than my setup, is there another/common way to do this in Substance Painter?