Author Topic: Painting over a filter's UV seams  (Read 1221 times)

Newbie here,
I'm really confused how to paint over a filter to get rid of the seam. Now obviously i tried activating tri-planar on the filter node, but that displays nothing.

-Why does activating tri-planar on filter nodes not work?
-Why can't I do a clone stamp paint over the filter layer?

You need to bake a position map for this to work correctly.

To use the clone stamp, you need to create a new layer, put it on to of the layers you want to clone, and set all layer channels (base color, metallic, roughness ect) to 'passthrough'.

Indeed, for the triplanar option in a substance filer or generator to work correctly, you'll need to bake a Position map and a World Space Normal map.

Sorry about the late reply, just saw the messages now. Thanks so much! I'll give it a try now.