Author Topic: Thumbnail Caching for Shelves  (Read 2386 times)

If I am not mistaken Painter regenerates Thumbnails for all Shelf Items on Startup.
This is becoming a problem.

- We recently moved shared image libraries into Substance Shelfs. By the time they are loaded 30 minutes has passed
- Large Smart Materials can easily take 2 minutes to create a thumbnail. Multiply this by a lot of Smart Materials and you can see there is an issue

In my opnion painter should:

- Create a Cache Directory for thumbnails. Only update a Thumbnail if the source has been changed (date / date modified)

Otherwise we are sitting here waiting for Painter to become responsive for 20-30 minutes.

If all of this is too big of a dev task, maybe short term painter could only start loading a shelf 'folder' when you are actually viewing it ?


Painter actually already stores thumbs in a cache directory the first time they are generated, but the loading of these thumbs was very innefective until now, especially for Substance materials or Smart Materials containing Substances.
The next release should show a pretty significant improvement.

Also something to keep in mind, if your shared material library is write-protected, the thumbs will be generated locally. THis means that every user has to generate the cache on the first launch, but then loading back these thumbs will be faster. If the shelf is write enabled, thumbs will be stored in a .algdata folder in the shared shelf directly.

When generating the cache locally, make sure that the cache location set in the Preference actually has enough free space to hold the thumbs, if not, they will be generated again from scratch at launch.

Oh, I also thought painter generated the thumbnails every time at start up, at one point I had to remove all the materials besides the base ones and load them per project as I need them because it was taking over 15 minutes to load all the thumbnails and on a couple of occasions I thought painter crashed and forced it to close.

The new release is out and it is faster, but still way too sporadic.  Sometimes stuff draws in, sometimes it doesn't.  Brushes didn't load, then did, then didn't. No almost nothing shows up whereas last time I loaded Sub Painter all but the bottom 3 categories loaded.