I'm going through Qu Bin's brief explanation on how he created the weave fabric and I'm already hung up from the start. In the first graph image he changes the shape of what I believe is a bell shape node. He starts with the shape node and then uses a curve to shape it to a rounded square. I can't for the life of me get the curve to reproduce this shape. Everything I try still results in a round shape.

Any ideas guys?

Actually, it is a rounded square from the start. To get it, use the pattern "Brick" in "Shape > Instance Parameters > Pattern". And set 1 for "Pattern Specific".

I realize this is quite an old thread but has anyone been successful recreating this material completely?

There are a lot of gaps in this tutorial that make it very hard to piece together how to complete each step. I've been able to get through most of each step but again there is information missing, connected nodes off screen from the images shown and etc.

Would love to be able to see the complete graph to understand more on how this is all working and to better understand how I might be able to make something similar or more custom to another knit style.

Hi. Graph screenshots have too low resolution, so it's often not impossible to understand which node has been used. Is it possible to update all screenshots to 4k? Or even share this material example. Thanks.

In the original article written: I use the Distance node to extend the color a bit...
Could you please tell what mask is used in the Distance node Mask input socket? Because it's very unclear.