Author Topic: Tiling rectangular patterns / ratio measuring  (Read 1338 times)

Hey guys! I have a bit weird question, and i hope I'll be able to explain it in an understandable way :)

Let's say I need this mesh to be tileable with some simple geometric pattern. It's ratio on texture 1/0,159, so I have to transform pattern so it repeats 6 times by U, and 6.289 times by V, so I won't get any really noticeable seams on the model:

So the first part of the question - how can i do it in Designer? I can't enter float values in the Tile generator, and can't get accurate results with transform 2d.

Next thing that concerns me - dirt tiling. When you tile map 6 times in both directions it becomes really noticeable and ugly. So it would be great to have an opportunity to make maps with this ratio be tileable. "Make It Tile" node may help I guess, but there is a number of limitations for me, and problems with accuracy, again.

And the most important question - Is it possible to measure UV ratio of selected UV island? Now I have to manually measure it for every stripe, and there may be a plenty of them. And if there actually was a way to detect this ratio i could make something like a filter for substance painter, which would be a great time-saver for me.

I hope i made it clear, sorry for imperfect grammar :)